The Bad Boy Biker Clique
considers itself one of the most elite Biker Cliques in the game. We feel this way because we truly believe that we bring so much more to the motorcycling community, than the average club. While there is nothing wrong with paying dues to be a part of a motorcycle organization, we could care less about the money, which is why we refuse to accept dues. “If you bought it, then ride it”, no strings attached. And while there is strength in numbers, we pride ourselves in hand picking our riders, to fit the mold of the type of organization with which we strive to be. Each member makes up an intricate part of a complex puzzle, which forms the Triple BC Family.

In the beginning, the haters said that we couldn't do we did!

They said that we violated rules and we created our own!

We were told we wouldn't be around long...yet here we stand, bowing down to no one but GOD!

Its not only our confidence, but our SWAGGER that sets us apart from the rest. We're here now...and the game has officially been changed.

We are Triple BC...the Bad Boy Biker Clique!

Changing the game...One rider at a time!


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