The Bad Boy Biker Clique, aka BBBC, was formed in May 2006, by a group of co-workers who shared several common interests, most importantly, the adrenaline rush of ridin. Triple BC's Prez, Big Al, along with the V.P., Twisted, decided to forge together an elite group of individuals, who enjoyed the thrill of ridin, without all the politics and protocols that other ridin clubs required. There are no dues to be paid, when joining the Triple B.C. Family; the only debts WE pay, are to the blocks that we're bending. We are a "BIKER CLIQUE", not a club! We
set ourselves aside from the average ridin clubs, and feel that our individuality, as well as social awareness, makes us one of the top organizations in the motorcycle community.

We welcome all types of bikes, ethnic backgrounds, and nationalities. The ONLY requirement to become an elite member of Triple B.C. Family, is that you must be a LEADER, because FOLLOWERS get left behind!

Our mission is to assist in shedding a positive light on the motorcycle community as a whole, as well as the social and economic advancement of all Triple B.C. Family and Friends. We are only as strong as our weakest rider; therefore, we believe that by keeping
GOD 1st, and uniting together as ONE, Triple BC will have no weakness that cant be overcome! Our motto is "TAKIN OVER"; and that is exactly what we intend to do....Take Over The Game!

Now...lets bend some blocks!!!

BBBC "Candy Shop" Photo Gallery
Triple B.C. invites you to view the "Candy Shop", see what they see when they hit the street.

Triple B.C. invites you to play the only games they play before they hit the streets.


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